Passive Fire Protection

AkzoNobel logo                          International Logo     Epoxy PFP Epoxy Intumescent Fireproofing is a liquid-applied protective coating that provides both passive fire protection and corrosion protection. “Epoxy” Intumescent differs from the “Cementitious” fire protection systems both in chemistry and function.  When this material “Intumesces” it swells and expands with heat to for a protective fire-resistant “char” layer. These systems can withstand both pool and jet fires up to 800 deg F. Graham Industrial Coatings holds certifications for Chartek 7 and Chartek 1709 systems. We have subjected ourselves to rigorous training and equipment acquisition to support passive fire protection system installation. We have 15+ Applicators, and have State-of-the-Art Plural Component and Single-Leg Application Equipment. G.I.C. and its executives have been in the business of through-wall, and passive fire protection systems since 1999. Videos: - Hydrocarbon Fire Protection - Fire Foam - 08 PFP 4 Chartek PFP Testing   Fire Protection Technical Information   Product Data Sheets: