About Us

Who We Are Douglas & Priscilla Graham, and their team are excited to introduce you to Graham Industrial Coatings, LLC.  We are an Industrial Protective Coatings/Linings company built upon the foundation of 85 years of combined industry experience.  Our experience spans across many sectors and technologies related to industrial corrosion mitigation, asset preservation, and value creation. We do this by partnering with industry experts; investing in state-of-the-art equipment; insisting on using the best materials, and by employing reliable and proven methods for our craft. Through efficiency, and careful management, we are able to provide best value to our customers.  We pride ourselves in offering a superior product at a competitive price. Vision Our vision is to become a "city on a hill" (Matthew 5:14-16) within the protective-coatings industry, in our community, throughout the state of Alaska, and around the globe by following biblical principles, sound business practices, and engaging in acts of generosity towards those in need. Moving toward that vision, we value...
  • Our customers. To exceed the expectations of our customers on a daily basis by providing responsive, innovative and value-added solutions.
  • Our employees. To empower our employees to become the best in the industry by pursuing personal integrity, ongoing training and safe work practices.
  • Our work. To excel in the industry by looking for intelligent and profitable growth opportunities.  To keeping our word, and inspiring others through the gift of craftsmanship and cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit.
Philosophy Our philosophy is that we don’t use people to get work done, we use work to get people done.”  In other words, people are our most important asset and end-product.  We value relationships and believe that it’s what makes the world go round. As such, safety and health is a primary consideration as we consider means, materials, and methods.  We strive to foster a healthy, safe, and a relationally productive job-site for our team members.